Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pentecost 14b - Psalm 15

Psalm 15

So I guess verse 5a (do not lend money at interest) means all the bankers are out of luck when it comes to real estate on the holy hill. I’m not a Hebrew history scholar but I’m willing to bet very few people lent anything without expecting something in return so either the holy hill is a vacant lot or there must be another way to walk blamelessly. I think the key verse might be 4c (who stand by their oath even to their hurt) Walking blamelessly and doing what is right while speaking heartfelt truth and not slander is a way of living and being that considers the needs of friends and neighbors and the needy to be as great as one’s own. The reason those who do these things are never moved is because they embody the heart and soul and will of God. From the very beginning God refused to abandon those who were made in the image of God even though they chose to abandon God. That oath led God to the “hurt” of the cross and if there is interest owed on the loan of his life I certainly can’t pay it.

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