Sunday, January 27, 2013

Epiphany 3c - conclusion

We went to the Fort Worth Stock Show Friday night to see Mustang Magic. These are wild Mustangs who are given to trainers for 100 days to get ready for auction. There is a DVD in Redbox, Wild Horse Wild Ride that follows a few of the trainers through the 100 days with their wild rides. The highlight of the night was meeting and talking to Wylene Wilson who is a little wild herself. The key to training is trust that translates to confidence for horse and rider. Not that I’m going to stand on Seraphina or pull a tarp over her head while I’m in the saddle like Wylene does. The lessons for Epiphany 3c are about trust that translates to confidence. The captives "returned unto Zion" trust that God is rejoicing in them and so they are confident that the future holds promise and not curse. The psalmist trusts the perfect law of the Lord and is confident that God can save him from hidden faults and presumptuous sins. The gifts given by the Spirit are for the building up of the body which promotes a confident trust in God and in the members of the body. And in the Gospel we are called to trust the ways of God and confidently follow by announcing good news to the poor, sight for the blind, release for the captive and freedom for the oppressed.  

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